At Norbar we are making some changes......


So What’s happening?

Well, as you know we have been seen as market leaders in the world of Torque Wrenches with the Norbar Brand, however there is so much more development in the area of Torque and Tension that we have been working on implementing an expansion to our offering in both products and services.

Torque Control Specialists and Norbar have long been associated in business together and this next step seeks to build on this and develop relationships further to deliver more to our customers.

As a customer you want the right equipment that does the job quickly, efficiently and safely. Every job, just like every person, is that little bit different and so expansion to our products and services ensures that we be an excellent resource to finding exactly the right equipment or service to help you achieve your purpose.

You will still deal with the same great people around Australia and New Zealand and continue to purchase all the same quality products and services you have been able to depend on us for … but now we’re upping the anti! We’re going for an all over upgrade: office and workshop improvements; quote layouts; and product information documentation are just some of the areas that are being upgraded with our new branding.

And it’s not just the look – there are innovative new products as well. Keep your eye out for launches of the new ranges available in coming months

If you have any questions or feedback please let us know, we’d love to hear from you. Call us, send us an email or have a chat with our Technical Sales People. We’re sure to have the ideal product that suits your needs.