Norbar Square Drive (NSD) Series

The Norbar Square Drive (NSD) Series of Hydrualic Torque Wrench features a “patented design” which increases accuracy and reduces the number of moving parts.  Constructed using a durable, high strength aircraft alloy, the NSD Series of Hydraulic Torque Wrench feature a lightweight aluminium body which encases the drivetrain of the tool, and acts to protect the lubricant inside tool while simultaneously preventing outside contaminates from entering the tool.

The Norbar Square Drive (NSD) Series feature nine different tools capable of achieving torque values ranging from 200 to 74,000 Nm when used in conjunction with a 10,000 p.s.i. hydraulic pump.

  • Square drive Ratchet Wrench – For use with all standard size square drive impact sockets.  Easily shifts from tightening to break-out without disassembly.
  • Square Drive Bodies – made of durable, high strength, lightweight aircraft alloy steel.  This design provides for the maximum protection of the drive train, while remaining lightweight and easy to manipulate.
  • Uni-body – Eliminates “pinch points” – Totally enclosed drive-train assembly protects the inner mechanics of the tool.
  • Reaction System – This system allows the reaction member to index in increments of 7.5 degrees creating 48 different reaction points in both directions. The reaction system is reversible which gives the user an additional 48 different reaction points – 96 reaction points in total.
  • Reaction Member – Reaction has a 360 degree rotation.
  • Anti-Reverse Pawl – Holds rotational wind-up to maintain required torque.
  • Pawl Release – Anti-reverse pawl release mechanism allows the manual release of the tool should “binding” occur.


NSD-1 (NSD-1900) Hydraulic Wrench ¾” Square Drive
NSD-3 (NSD-4500) Hydraulic Wrench 1” Square Drive
NSD-6 (NSD-8000) Hydraulic Wrench 1½” Square Drive
NSD-8 (NSD-11000) Hydraulic Wrench 1½” Square Drive
NSD-11 (NSD-15000) Hydraulic Wrench 1½” Square Drive
NSD-20 (NSD-27000) Hydraulic Wrench 2½” Square Drive
NSD-30 (NSD-40000) Hydraulic Wrench 2½” Square Drive
NSD-45 (NSD-60000) Hydraulic Wrench 2½” Square Drive
NSD-60 (NSD-80000) Hydraulic Wrench 2½” Square Drive

NSD-20 SRA Straight Reaction Arm